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What Is the Importance Of Drip Irrigation?

Drip Irrigation
Last month, we talked about the irrigation systems in detail & explained their types. Among these we also mentioned that Drip Irrigation is the best Irrigation system nowadays. Also, it is the most efficient irrigation method for landscaping. Preferably, landscapers use this irrigation system and recommend it to the home owners & farmers. Today we will discuss the Drip Irrigation System in detail and bring in some useful information to you.

What is a Drip Irrigation System?

As the name suggests, it is an irrigation system that works by dripping a steady stream of water through drip lines. It is an underground system that works both automatically & manually. Mostly, it is used by farmers in crop fields & fruit gardens. The drip lines are centrally connected to a water supply and laid underground. Each tree & plant’s roots are watered directly by the drip lines that have small cuts or holes that drip water regularly.

What are The Main Features of Drip Irrigation System?

Mainly, Drip Irrigation System is comprised of two main parts:
  1.     Pipeline
  2.     Water supply
It also has the connectors, elbows, clamps & taps wherever needed. Since the system is laid underground, it needs to be carefully installed. The landscapers make sure to avoid any leaks prior to installation of the system.

Types of Drip Irrigation System

This system has further types that are used as per the requirement based upon land size & other features.

1. Manual System

Manually, the irrigation system installed underground is best suited for a smaller garden size. Usually, it is best for the back yard & front yard where the water is supplied manually. The gardener or the owner turns the system on or off as needed. So, it has a room of overwatering or underwatering if a person forgets to manage the system timely.
Manual Drip Irrigation System
Automatic Drip Irrigation System

2. Automatic System

On the other hand, the automatic irrigation system is much better. Yes, it can cost a few extra bucks for the technology. But look at the benefit you will draw from it in the future. Automatic system saves water by large numbers. It also relaxes you up from the stress of self-managing the system.

Furthermore, Drip Irrigation is beneficial in many aspects. Few of them are listed below:

          It saves water to an amazing level. Thus, the water saving is the main advantage of this system.           It remains underground mostly. So the water is soaked directly into the soil and near to the plant roots. It saves water from evaporating and root can drink plenty of water.           Structure wise, this system is cost saving too. It has one of the simplest layouts and can be installed easily anywhere within a constraint budget. Maybe, a few changes can be required but mostly it will be cost saving.           No swamps can develop due to overwatering that causes diseases to spread in plants.           The rows between plants remain dry, which prevents the weeds & unnecessary plants from growing.           Surely, Drip Irrigation reduces the labor cost as it is mostly self-sufficient.           Readily, it will save space above the ground so that more room for plantation is available.

Importance of Drip Irrigation System

Conventionally, this irrigation system is important for many users. Homeowners require a safe & healthy watering system that is risk free. These risks can be from getting electric shock due to watering near the electricity wires. Moreover, the Drip Irrigation system is best for users whose landscaping requires uniformity in design. Obviously any irrigation system laid above the ground will be exposed. Hence, it will look odd and affect the natural look of the garden itself.

Effect on Plant Growth

Scientifically, the experts have proved healthy & growth of plants through Water Dripping Experiments. Plants grown through Drip Irrigation are highly likely to grow better and survive more. Being a low-tech, highly efficient system of irrigation, it can be useful for small farmers. Statistically, it has been shown that agricultural production can be increased up to 50% through the Drip System. Furthermore, it utilizes a total of 10% of water as compared to surface irrigation.
Manual Drip Irrigation System

What Shall We Consider While Installing a Drip Irrigation System?

Considerably, few points shall be pondered before choosing the Drip Irrigation System for landscaping.           Is it feasible for the landscaping that we have done or not? Sometimes it might not suit the landscaping as the design and structure may require plenty of watering. For example the Hedges and fast growing Shady trees need more water and the shower to keep them fresh.           If any alternate irrigation system is less costly? You should see that if any other system suffices your landscaping watering needs then go for that. Only go for Drip Irrigation when you are sure that it’s going to be your need.           If the system can work long term in your landscaping? Sometimes the system may not work if exposed to extreme weather. Rarely this has been observed but most of the time it is underground so it keeps working.


Conclusively, the article proves the importance of Drip Irrigation for landscaping. So, for installing it professionally, choose a certified company like Halsco. You will be amazed to see the quality work that is guaranteed by our team. Read another article on What Is The Most Important Thing In Landscaping? This article will help to understand more about Landscaping.

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