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How Do I Hire An Ideal Irrigation Company?

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“Plant your tiny seeds and keep watering them every day. Soon, they’ll grow.”

As with any major upgrade to your business or home, improving the exterior of your property can be a significant decision. Once you’ve made the decision, it is time to find the right Irrigation Company An irrigation system installed correctly can bring many benefits to your property, including more efficient and cost-effective watering and a higher property value. The wrong irrigation contractor could cause a poor system, water loss, property damage and a lawsuit. This can also lead to huge costs to fix the problem. It is much better to choose the right company in the beginning. Experts suggest considering the following factors when deciding if a company is the right choice for your irrigation project.

Extensive Experience:

When choosing an Ideal Irrigation Company, experience is a must. An experienced company will have worked on your property for years and know what to expect. They are familiar with local regulations, permit and material requirements as well as soil conditions and microclimates. They have experience with many irrigation systems and are familiar with controllers, sprinkler heads, and backflow valves. They know what is best for your landscape and how to design an irrigation system to maximize efficiency and minimize costs. Do not judge a company based on its price. There are many fly-by-night irrigation businesses out there, and they often offer low prices to attract customers. Low bids can often mean inferior systems and cut corners, or worse, they steal your money and disappear. Ask the company how many years they have been in business under their name. An Irrigation Company that has a track record of providing excellent service to customers in your local area is a good choice. Five years is fine, ten is better and any company with a longer track record of serving customers in your area for more than 20 years shows that they are here to stay and doing the right thing.

An Expert, Well Rounded Team:

Each irrigation project is unique, so it is important that your contractor has a broad range of workers with different skills and expertise. To ensure smooth installations, large projects require a lot of staff. Reliable subcontractors are also essential for irrigation contractors. The Irrigation Company should be able to subcontract work like boring and tunneling as well as electrical and plumbing. Ask them about their experience with different companies and how long. A strong and healthy business is a sign of financial stability.

Are They Insured?

An irrigation service that is reputable should have all required insurance and be capable of proving it. This is crucial to ensure that you do not become liable in the event of damage or injury. An Irrigation Company should have worker’s compensation insurance. This protects your company from any potential liability if someone is injured on the job.
A second option is to have enough general liability insurance to cover damage to residential and business property. This covers you against unexpected damages such as flooding and landslides. These damages and replacement property will be covered by general liability insurance.

Detailed Written Contract:

Reliable Irrigation Company will offer you a free quote and then a detailed written agreement. It protects and clarifies your rights. It is vital to get everything in writing. These are the essential elements of a written contract.
  • The detailed description of their work.
  • Materials to use
  • All product and labour warranties
  • The estimated date of completion
  • Payment arrangements
  • A statement by the company stating that they will clean-up and remove all debris
  • A list of all employees who will be working at your property
Also, any changes that are made during the course of work should be documented.

Written Guarantee:

A trusted contractor will guarantee the products and services that they provide for a given time. Irrigation Company must provide you with a written explanation of the guarantee. This document should include details about the extent of the coverage, what to do in case of a problem, as well as the end date.
Written Guarantee

Adequate Resources:

It is easy to create a website for a low price, but don’t rely solely on it when looking for an irrigation contractor. Instead, check that the company is listed in your local phone directory. They should also include this number on their site. Avoid companies that use P.O. Box addresses are also a red flag. Every worthwhile Irrigation Company has an office that you can visit, hours posted, and administrative staff. You can drive to their location and see if equipment is available. Major irrigation contractors own equipment and rent it out when it makes sense. Do not pay cash to contractors. Reputable companies offer credit options, so that you can make a complaint. These helpful tips will increase your chances for finding the right Irrigation Company to work with on your project. Talk to them, ask lots of questions, and learn about their customer service. If you feel that they are a good fit for your needs, make sure to detail all details in a written agreement. There will be no more hoses to move around or water wasted. A well-designed, Efficient Irrigation Solution makes taking care of your property easy and hassle-free.

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