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What is the Difference Between Irrigation and Landscaping?

Difference Between Irrigation and Landscaping
Services that entail professional Irrigation & Landscaping  are rendered to add the expert touch and add value to land. It is a vast area where different services are provided to visually increase the value & beauty of a land. This land can be a garden, field, front yard or backyard of a house. It can also be a commercial place & a multi-purpose ground. Today, we shall talk about the difference between Irrigation and Landscaping. Do note that these two are the most basic set of services in construction and development of land. We will explain both the concepts in tabular difference form for better understanding.
Service NameIrrigationLandscaping
DefinitionIrrigation is a system of water supply to a specific area. It is done for gardens & large fields for the adequate supply of water automatically or manually.Landscaping is a service which includes the designing, planning and implementation of plantation, designing to modify the features of a land.
Service ScopeIrrigation is done on all scales of land whether it is a small garden or a big agricultural field.Landscaping is done on both commercial & residential levels. It may also have further elements added.

          Sprinkler Irrigation

          Drip Irrigation

          Surface Irrigation

          Residential Landscaping

          Commercial Landscaping

          Ornamental Landscaping

          Formal Landscaping

          Informal Landscaping


1.      Irrigation provides a conventional way of watering the plantation & fields

2.      Irrigation is a means of water-saving

3.      Irrigation maintains healthy supply of water to plants

4.      Irrigation is a cost saving watering mechanism

1.      Landscaping beautifies the land

2.      It increases the market value of the land

3.      It is a way of maintaining a greener earth

4.      It is best for healthier lifestyle

5.      Landscaping enables you to utilize the space in an ideal way

Why Irrigation & Landscaping?

Irrigation system is as important as any other basic activity while landscaping. Appropriately, it is better to state that Irrigation and Landscaping are directly connected to each other. Irrigation is basically the calculated water supply of the landscape. Furthermore, irrigation can be done as per the needs of the landscaping project. Also, it will not only keep the greenery alive but save money on water bills.
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Irrigation services are provided by an irrigation contractor to professionally plan, install & maintain the irrigation system. Your irrigation needs can differ and so will the irrigation system. That’s why an irrigation contractor like Halsco is required to install it without hassle. Halsco Irrigation contracting services include the complete installation of the irrigation system & maintenance. You can choose from our existing Landscaping & Irrigation plans or it can be customized for you.

Consider These For Better Irrigation & Landscaping

Firstly, the plan & design needs to be properly formulated as per the need. Here the hired professional & owner can discuss the project scope. Then keeping the difference between both the services, both can be contracted upon. The difference between Irrigation and Landscaping is necessary to understand for efficiently applying all the parameters to both the services.  While installing an irrigation system one must consider the following points: –          Irrigation system must be automated and cover all the landscape           Irrigation system must not be too costly           Irrigation system must supply adequate & calculated water           Preferably, irrigation system should be covered & the piping shall not be exposed Similarly, the landscaping has its own points that are imperative to consider such as:           Landscaping shall not be stuffed too much with designing or planting. Rather it shall be a balanced design           Landscaping shall be done by a creative & professional company or individual           Landscaping is an art as well as a service so it requires much care & maintenance           Landscaping must go with the environment & the house design as well

Final Thoughts

It is not actually about the difference between Irrigation and Landscaping. It is about the services that are provided with quality & efficiency. Halsco provides the best services to the professional clients in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

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