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How Drip Irrigation Is Effective For Landscaping?

Drip irrigation

Drip Irrigation is an efficient method of irrigation for your plants, which allows an advanced level of control over how much you want to water your crops and the garden. It also depends on how much space it takes to ensure optimal watering for the design of your garden. This Irrigation is ideal for crops and fruiting trees that are grown in rows.

A Drip Irrigation system has the following elements:

  • The distribution system consists of the hose Bibb, feeder lines and the filter assembly.
  • The feeder lines have drip tape, are connected to valves that turn quarter turns
  • The drip tape is folded several times for a repetitive flow of water and efficient distribution
Drip Irrigation system

It is essential to correctly place emitters in a proper space. If they are placed improperly or too distant from each other the uniform watering will be disturbed. Another error to avoid is to use greater than 150 feet mainline in one area which can affect the overall water pressure that is needed.

If you’re just using drip tape to water it is likely to enjoy several seasons of the tape when stored in a proper manner during the winter. If you’re feeding fertilizer into your tapes, they will last only a few months. A damaged drip tape in drip irrigation system that has suffered damages or the one that has been clogged needs to be replaced timely rather than trying to stretch it for another season.

Another common method for Drip Irrigation is Drip Tubing.  Drip Tubing is stronger and can be buried in the ground throughout winter months, and is therefore ideal for permanent gardens like recurrent fruits, vegetables trees, shrubs, and trees. Drip tubing shall be cleared out of water before winter but it is also possible to leave it if it is buried under the ground.

If you're gardening on raised beds, some plumbing is needed along and a couple of fittings to make the required angles for the trickle irrigation of raised beds.

Drip Tubing
trickle irrigation 

Drip irrigation system also requires the regular maintenance and monitoring to avoid leaks and over watering or under watering. A timer attached to a flow meter can indicate and monitor leaks by increasing water pressure. Another sign that you may notice leaks is when plants in the area start to fight where plants will show the curled leaves and the area will start developing swamp or wet mud. If this happens the irrigation system needs to be examined in the region for leaks or clogs. The presence of wildlife in the area can be a potent risk to drip irrigation system, therefore one must check for chewed lines and take action with repairs and management of wildlife as soon as possible. Goof plugs are a cost saving way to fill gaps in mainline which do not require any repair.

If you are harvesting crops it is recommended to shut off the flow of water to that region in case of any emergency leak.

shut off the flow of water

Keep your feeder lines in storage with their valves unlocked and one end-cap removed. Make sure that all water has been drained out. Attach them to the fence or wall with the exposed end located at the bottom. Make sure you take your filters from your hose Bibb and feeder lines, as well. In spring, look for cracks and leaks by closing all of your valves.

Drip irrigation system is now becoming popular in areas where the water reservoirs are depleting. Mostly in the landscaping of gardens front yard and backyard, the Drip Irrigation system that is buried underground is the most efficient way and cost saving method of watering where the design of garden is also not disturbed nor the ground is over settled. This irrigation system is the best option for gardens because watering the acres of land for crops and fruit gardens shall be done in an efficient manner where water level must not rise for the best yield.

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