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How Do Plant Nurseries Manage To Keep the Plants Alive?

Plant Nurseries
Plant Nurseries grow plants and trees for domestic and commercial uses. They have a capacity to grow trees, plants, flowering plants and fruits as well. Nurseries are a vital source of supply of plants to the cities and other populated areas. They have expert engineers and gardeners to manage plants and take care of them. Keeping plants alive requires a lot of care and maintenance of the nursery environment. It is done to make the most suitable environment for plants to survive and grow in all seasons. Precisely, Plant Nurseries maintain the controlled atmosphere inside the nursery to protect plants from dying. Keeping plants alive is important for the regeneration of the seeds and saplings. Following are the main things involved in keeping plants alive at nurseries.

1. Plantation in Correct Season

Most importantly, planting the right plant in the right season is highly effective in saving plants. Winter plants must be planted at the start of winter or at the end of autumn. Similarly, the summer plants can be planted in spring. It is a common observation that plants grow faster and survive well if planted in the right season. Seasonal plantation is highly likely to grow well with better results. Especially, when it is done in a controlled environment like a Plant Nursery. Weather effects are minimized in Nurseries giving a better chance of survival to plants.

2. Soil Maintenance at Plant Nurseries

Soil is another factor that directly effects the plant’s health and life. Evidently, if the soil is maintained properly, plants will root strongly and will grow better. Taking care of the soil includes adding organic material to maintain the oil quality and not poison it for future. Moreover, refreshing the soil can greatly increase the plant’s life. Added compost & other organic fertilizers mix to the soil. Adequately, it will be managed in a nursery better than other environments. Plants will have better health in a well-maintained soil.

3. Remove Weeds and Dry Leaves

Removing weeds from plant pots and beds is a necessary activity on a regular basis. Weeds can reduce a plant’s life span and damage their health too. Reason is that Plant Nurseries have limited space and supply of water and plants can remain under-watered. Thus, the removal of weeds on a regular basis is required for keeping the plants alive & healthy. Under-watered plants due to the weeds sucking the water and leaving plants dry is no less than a threat. This threat is minimized in Nurseries through chemicals & regular removal of weeds. Dry leaves will affect the height & shape of the stem and need to be removed timely.
Remove Weeds and Dry Leaves
Sufficient Watering​

4. Sufficient Watering

Naturally, water is the actual life of plants. Necessarily, adequate watering is required for plants’ healthy growth and life. For this purpose the perfect watering must be done uniformly. Additionally, Plant Nurseries add irrigation systems to control the water levels and water the required quantity to plants. Maintaining the adequate water supply to plants is easy in Plant Nurseries as they have irrigation systems. Automated irrigation systems monitor the water supply to plants and quench their thirst when needed.

5. Pest Control For Plant Nurseries

Generally it has been a useful practice to plant a variety of plants in a nursery for controlling pests. Commonly, the beneficial insects in a nursery are: –          Wasps –          Honey Bee –          Beetles –          Assassin Bugs –          Lacewings –          Ambush Bugs –          Flies These bugs can help exterminate the harmful pests naturally if they have a natural habitat around. Plant Nurseries with a variety of flowering and other plants give the friendly bugs a shelter. Supportive to the artificial pest control, these bugs themselves kill the harmful bugs.
Variety of Plants for Pest Control
Exposure to Sunlight

6. Exposure to Sunlight

Sunlight is another basic nourishment to plants because plants require photosynthesis as their digestion. Exposure to sunlight gives plants a glow and freshness. It not only boosts up the photosynthesis but causes evaporation of the extra water and toxic chemicals. Sunlight also helps in removal of fungus and moss. Purposefully, Sunlight is imperative to plant life and other life too. Sunroom Plant Nursery is the best way to maintain the sunlight exposure to plants. It will increase the natural nutrients supplied to plants too. Potted plants can be regularly put in sunlight for exposure. If the sunlight is blocked for plants, they become diseased & eventually die.

7. Greenhouse

Plant Nurseries in a greenhouse can contain the oxygen released and remove the carbon dioxide in a contained environment. Greenhouses are an effective way to keep plants fresh and prolong their life as well as others. Steady growth for plants is necessary and greenhouses buffer the ambient temperature that protects the plants. In cold areas greenhouses have a type known as sunroom where people can enjoy sitting as well as plantation. Greenhouses have a proven positive effect on the fast growth of plants. Moreover the greenhouses are a low cost alternative to constructed nurseries.


8. Pest Control in Nurseries

Worms are much easier to control in Plant Nurseries. It is because of the long lasting effect of pesticides inside a nursery’s closed environment. Moreover the diseases to plants are also controlled quickly in nurseries. This natural balance will improve the health of plants and maintain their life longer. Furthermore, the equipment readily available in a nursery is also helpful in timely dealing with problems. Pest control in Nurseries is easier, safer & better because of the readily available equipment & tools. Also, it will be low cost due to in-house pest control mechanisms in Plant Nurseries.


Plants require balance and suitable environment as per their habitat needs. In order to maintain the greener earth and protect plants from becoming extinct nurseries have played a vital role. Finally, in order to maintain healthy Plant Nurseries, one must have the necessary know how and the equipment needed. It also depends upon hiring professional help to make the nursery more useful & beneficial. In this way plants can survive and benefit mankind for longer.

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