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What Is A Plant Nursery and What Is It’s Importance?

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“To Plant a Garden is to believe in tomorrow.” Greenery on earth is a natural phenomenon and lifecycle’s basic part. Trees and Plants are one of the most important part of Natural Habitat. Basically, Human life depends on the plantation as plants release oxygen naturally. Naturally grown forests cannot be used for living due to predator animals and other problems. So, it has been a continuous practice to Plant Nursery in man-made societies.

Mostly, the living things are grown in colonies and survive better in groups. Similarly, plants also grow well in nurseries where they are taken care of. In this article we will discuss the plant nursery & its importance.

A nursery is a man-made place for nurturing plants and selling them. Plants are grown naturally as well as artificially in a nursery under controlled environment. These plants are grown through seeding or the saplings.

What is inside a Nursery?

Inside a nursery the foremost thing you will notice is a green shade in tropical climate. If the nursery is in a cold mountainous area then the sunroom is ideal for a nursery. All nurseries have one thing in common and it is the temperature control. Professional Plant Nursery also has excessive water supply along with an automatic irrigation system to water the plants with accuracy.

Traditionally, Nurseries are built near water reserves or the bed of mountains. In cities, nurseries are situated near the outskirts of cities. Ideally, nurseries have complete supply of the following things:

–          Seasonal plants          –          Trees

–          Evergreen plants        –          Flower pots, beds & hanging pots

–          Seeds                          –          A complete range of Gardening Equipment & Tools

–          Saplings                     –          Pesticides & Fertilizers

Types of Nursery:

Wet nursery

Plant Nursery has four main types:

  1. Home Nursery

Typically, it is built in homes in the front yard or back yard. It may also be present on the rooftop where it is a rising trend to have it.

  1. Commercial Nursery

Nurseries that serve the large scale market for commercial purposes. Primary target market of Commercial Nursery are public places, commercial buildings and etc.

  1. Dry Nursery

Drought Resident Plants are grown in a dry nursery. A dry nursery highly depends on rainfall with no permanent arrangement of an irrigation system.

  1. Wet nursery

Wet nursery has a dedicated irrigation system and plants of all types can be grown here.

Plant Nursery has several types with different benefits as well such as:

–          Horizontal Nursery

–          Vertical Nursery

–          Closed Nursery

–          Open Nursery

–          Retail Nursery

–          Wholesale Nursery

–          Private Nursery

–          Mail-order Nursery

–          Online Nursery

Importance of a Nursery:

Nursery is vitally important for the betterment of plants globally. Undoubtedly, Nursery has a major role in environment protection. Nurseries maintain the greenery of the vicinity and they help retain the climates in the cities. They also play a key role in controlling air and water pollution in cities. Additionally, nursery helps in maintaining the natural lifecycle where the beneficial animals & insects can survive. For example, honey bees can also live near a nursery to become a source of pure honey in a city.

Generally, a Plant Nursery has following benefits:

–          Fresh supply of plants and trees.

–          Readily available landscaping & related services nearby.

–          Guidance towards gardening by experts.

–          Added Freshness.

Expert Opinion:

According to research, the importance of nursery and its role is imperial. It is drafted in the research as follows:

–          Seeding & Graft produced in nursery is used to contribute to forestation.

–          Farmers save cost and time for growing saplings.

–          Production of improved plants.

–          Nursery is an employment opportunity to engineers, skilled workers and others.

–          Fruits saplings maintain the future supply for fruits

What’s the catch for Plant Nursery?

Having a Plant Nursery in a community of a home is always beneficial. But one must have sound knowledge on horticulture and breeding of plants. For a society that values ‘a greener earth’ it is vitally important to have nurseries. A plant nursery will not only support the horticulture but also the landscape in your vicinity. You will find nursery as a source of life, freshness & earthly connection.

We hope that this article was enlightening and interesting as per your expectations. You can also read our another amazing article Top Plant Nursery Tips for Easier Gardening.

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