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How To Deep Cleaning Every Room in Your House

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What Is Deep Cleaning?

A deep clean goes above and beyond regular surface cleaning. It’s an extensive and precise method that seeks out invisible dirt and grime in every corner of your house. From your ceilings to the ugliest spaces of your closets, it’s impossible to avoid cleaning services Riyadh.

Consider your house as a treasure trove; cleaning it thoroughly of your residence can reveal your hidden treasures that are pristine and clean living space.

How To Deep Clean Your House

When you clean every room of your house, Begin with these comprehensive cleaning tricks to simplify your cleaning routine.

Declutter Before Deep Cleaning

Find a different place for (or, more importantly, take care to get rid of) all apparent clutter that doesn’t need to be there. Keep the items hidden behind closed doors until an additional day to make your deep cleaning checklist easier. Cleaning up clutter makes cleaning easier. Seeing the clean surfaces will increase your motivation to continue.

Start High, Go Low

Be sure to tackle large, difficult-to-access surfaces with this sequence, including ceilings, the ceiling, ceiling trim lights (including bulbs) wall, and the remaining trim and baseboards. 

The ideal tools for the surfaces you want to clean are microfiber dusters, mops equipped with telescoping handles or disinfecting cleaning wipes.

The benefit is that these tools tend to be thin enough to pass behind a couch without moving the sofa. At eye level, a spray of water is enough for the mop. The surfaces closer to the floor are more likely to accumulate dust and dirt.

You should use warm water diluted with dish soap to clean them. For bathrooms, add a few drops of white vinegar to prevent mildew and mould growth. If mopping is difficult or impractical, you can use the microfiber cloth. Cleanse frequently and completely.

Deep Clean Windows

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Cleaning windows is relatively easy, but the reward is massive. Start by vacuuming the tracks and sills. Spray the windows from up to down using glass cleaner. The cleaner will work for about an hour and then squeeze it away.

Suppose you apply the wipes with one hand on the interior windows and the other direction on the outside. In that case, it’s easy to identify and correct streaks.

Clean up dust from surfaces

Clean all solid surfaces (wood furniture shelving, built-ins, etc.) with Furniture cleaner and a soft cloth. If you want to get the job done quickly, use a clean cotton tube sock in the dominant hand clean and surfaces, and move things out of the way using the opposite hand. Also, add a lint roller and apply it to the lampshades.

Deep Cleaning Home Checklist

Follow these steps to thoroughly clean every room in your home deep.

Launder Bedding

Clean the duvet skirt, bed skirt cover, shams and pillows. Even down-filled ones. Make sure to give them a second spin cycle to help them dry more quickly, and then dry pads with fresh tennis balls to avoid clumping.

The ideal method to dry synthetic pillows is to air dry them outside. If you have a lot of comforters, go to the laundromat and then use one of the extra-large front loaders.

Freshen your Mattress

  1. As you disassemble your bed, clean the mattress.
  2. Sprinkle baking soda over the mattress and let it remain before vacuuming it using the Hose attachment.
  3. Then, repeat the procedure and flip the bed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Declutter your closet

Pull out the clothes you haven’t worn in the past few months and put them in a bag to take the items for sale or donation. You can then give your closet hanging accessories that match. If your closet is neat and you’re trying to control it.

How to Deep Clean The Living Room and Family Room

Freshen Furniture

Remove cushions and vacuum every upholstered surface. Cleanse Furniture: remove cushions and clean every upholstery surface, including the backs of the sofas, with the attachment for your brush.

Dust Frames

Get the entire frame of your artwork or photos to the floor and clean them from both sides using the dampness of a microfiber cloth. Make sure not to spray directly onto the glass. The spray could get into the edges of the frame, damaging the image and the mat.

Dusting Under Electronics

Removing the hook and moving it around is unnecessary to get rid of dust from your electronic components. Use a thin dusting tool and put it through the electronics.

Bonus Deep Cleaning Task

You launder all throws and cover pillows for throws in this task. Carefully review the discs, DVDs, video games and other materials hidden behind closed doors. Are there any items you could remove or even trade for in cash?

Which Tools and Cleaners required For Deep Cleaning Your Home

Deep Cleaning your house thoroughly requires many tools and cleaning products. Cleaning experts are essential, as well as the necessary tools and supplies needed for household cleaning needs:

  1. Baking soda shaker
  2. Clean paint brushes (for dusting delicate items)
  3. Dish soap (liquid or powdered)
  4. White vinegar distilled
  5. Lint roller (for lamp shades as well as upholstery)
  6. Microfiber cloths (both multi-purpose as well as glass-only)
  7. Microfiber mop that has covers to suit all kinds of flooring
  8. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser spongesAA
  9. Multi-purpose cleaner
  10. Nylon non-scratch scrub pad
  11. Alcohol rubs
  12. Stiff-bristled, toothbrush-size brush (for shower door tracks, drains, etc.)
  13. Window and glass cleaners with no streaks
  14. Telescoping duster equipped with cobweb ceiling fan, microfiber and Squeegee attachments
  15. Wood cleaner/conditioner

Well, here is our blog on easy home remedies for house cleaning which will help you do more deep cleaning of your home.

Final Thoughts!

A thorough cleaning process can dramatically change your home and go into every space to reveal the hidden beauty. Starting with decluttering that follows a top-to-bottom method to ensure efficient cleaning, with particular attention paid to mattresses, windows, and even closets.

The cleaning services Riyadh utilise a carefully selected arsenal of equipment, such as microfiber towels and magical eraser sponges, that ensure that your home is spotless.

The transformational process represents an investment into the continual well-being of your home. Guaranteeing not only cleanliness but also the revealing of true beauty thanks to professional cleaning services Riyadh. This can be shared with your family members or delegated to professionals; they will reveal a well-organized and clean living space.

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